What is it we do?

Our Approach

Our Recipe for Success

Our Approach


  • Six higher faculties
  • Collapsing the field
  • Love and gratitude compass
  • Internal vs external reality
  • See the subliminal
  • The 6th sense zone

Our Events

Our Recipe for Success

Our Approach


Each Live event we hold is a stand alone experience.

The events have a particular focus on freeing your personal power. 

I have learned that when a person feels like they are fully in their power and winning big, that everything else falls into place. If you do the work on yourself, you will have significant things transform in your life.

Our Recipe for Success

Our Recipe for Success

Our Recipe for Success



This is your success recipe. The below steps are recommended to be completed every day.  

Income Producing Activity 

Daily Visualization - Focus on your goals

Personal Development - Beyond Freedom Evolution and other books, tapes etc. 

Listen & Participate 

Cultivating the Expectation of Leadership 

Gratitude - Be grateful for what is to come, but also be very grateful for what you have right now.


7 Day Transformation Guide

Transform Any Area of YOUR Life FOR GOOD

What if there really was a proven step by step formula to achieve